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Aller Trop Loin is the bastard child of Kosher winemaker of Mark Sztar of Six Parallels South…. When one of Marks wine lost it’s Kosher status, what, at first seemed a disaster, spawned the creation of the whole new range of wines. It was during the 2014 vintage that a passing winemaker working in a shared space, bumped an open tank of Six Parallels South wine. This was deemed to contribute to the winemaking and as a result the 2014 Yarra Valley Chardonnay was no longer a kosher wine. Seeing the funny side, Mark finished the wine and put a big happy pig on the front label, a move that leaves no-one in any doubt of the kosher status of the wine. The back label reads “Unoaked, unfined, unfiltered and unholy” and the wines are made with a minimal intervention ethos (wild ferments, unfiltered, unfined).

The Aller Trop Loin range is idiosyncratic, whether it be a wild a smoky, flinty Yarra Valley Chardonnay, a skin contact white or a straight up Malbec juice bomb from Bendigo. Each wine tells a story of both vineyard and vintage. The wine are kept nice and clean whilst still allowing them to show their individual personalities.

Come join us at the bar for a 5 course dinner
paired with some amazing drops
$90 each, starting at 7.30pm

Limited seats – Call us on (02) 8624 3133 or email via

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